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The Man Jumps Over the Moon
The rain is looming beneath your eyelids
It's getting dark and ten degrees colder
I'm wide awake but my voice isn't raising
And I can't help feel a little bit older
Caught up inside your peculiar bubble
Hiding away from the rest of the world
No one could touch you, no one would care to
Yet my mind is unfurled
Looking outside from under the window
Upon transparent words you gasp and choke
Staring within, I can't help but grin
And I breathe out thick gray smoke
Moving fast, you're a silhouette
Stammering towards the door
Surprisingly ineffectual
You almost win a lonely war
My feet pound after yours in the mud
I drop my cigarette on the ground
I've almost caught up fast enough
It's dark, but you're making sound
Hurricane eyes look out from a stable
As an airplane crashes into the moon
You've rushed for the car but the wind catches up
And the dish runs away with the spoon.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 5 6
Lipstick Kush
Stone me
Stone me
Give me the safe word
Tell me the safe place
I'll wear my lipstick
You wear your lighter
I'll meet you where the perfume smells like whiskey
And we'll dance alone, together
You're like nicotine
In my dreams
But you need me
To fall asleep
You're alone
I'm always warm
But I'll sneak out at 2am
Even though there's no one home
Religiously we're a harmony
You speak gospel on your knees
I'd smoke you up
Like a made up cigarette
I'd use you like
Lipstick kush.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 3 0
Every time I step outside, there's a robin on my lawn,
And every waking moment, I think I did something wrong.
Why is it choosing me to follow, to make my day so bright,
While all the while I ponder, did I maybe do something right?
Is it telling me that I'm not curious, or quite grateful enough?
Or is it telling me I'm graceful, in a world that seems so rough?
I wish I could learn and decipher the language that birds speak,
The beautiful words and sounds they make, crafted by their beak.
I bet my neighbors think I'm crazy when I stop to stare
At one of the things, in all of the world, that nature decided to share.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 2 5
My Hair by elisiabattell My Hair :iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 1 13
Light Her
Do i have enough cigarettes to last the night?
Do i have enough weed to bring me down,
and up, real high, do i have enough rum?
If the store didn't close, I'd have some.
But I can always get enough to toke
Enough cancer sticks to kiss and smoke
Enough coffee to make me happy,
Enough hope to make me sappy.
I'll watch late night shit shows
Listen to jokes
Light up a few Du Maurier's and smoke
Smoke smoke, until my mind is gone
Smoke until I'm rhinestones,
Enough food in my fridge to never eat again.
I'll get a good job and a house and a loan,
Find a good life and call it my own.
I'd live in the streets before I'd give me away.
Deal before I steal, take me away.
My mind is blown, I'll have another beer,
Keep praying I'll be good enough to steer.
I love bright eyes, late nights, dawn skies.
I love soft lips, perfect hips and smart lies.
In the morning I'll wake up, lovely I'll stay.
I can't wait to start a new day.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 5 9
My Mind's Eye
It's been a long time since I've looked at the sky. Between the chores of life and the necessities, I've grown far away from nature, and what used to connect to me to the world. I'm new to schedules, and new to time management and deadlines and responsibilities, and have neglected the roots of my old beliefs.
This past week has altered my feelings towards nature and it's remedies. I've seen dead bodies on the covers of newspapers, and I've seen images of people crying, read powerful stories of families torn apart and missing loved ones.
I've always thought of myself as the type of person who slows right down to become in sync with reality, to remember that there is more to the world than how far I can see, or walk, more to the world than the boundaries I've become accustomed to. But I've been lost. Working full time, having my heart occupied and dreaming of my own future, I've forgotten about how crucial it is to stop and find a pace, instead of rushing through life, watching the clock
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 2 4
The sky is dark
But the weatherman
Says it should be sunny
The windows of my
Old house
are painted black
I'm the contrast
Mixing with the light
I create
Surround me with
The things i hate
Fire escapes
Tanned flesh
Point and laugh
At all the pieces
All the tiles
Raining and
Window's fogged
The sky is dark
But the weatherman
Says it should be
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 1 2
Without Ending.
Her words pulsed with reservations and ideas of regret. Once I had an idea that if I launched my words off of my tongue in the same hopes for empathy, i could crash into her vocal cords; blow to pieces. Never had I tested this theory as far as I could determine the destruction of my body, after death.
Apparently comparing death to the relations between friends is thought to be morbid, but i was never one to follow societal standards.
However, this is where i would spit out a monologue, as witty and cliche as i could muster. I'd beg for forgiveness, within the heart of my own mistakes, hoping you'd take my gratitude and willingness as a taste of forgiveness. The forgiveness that doesn't come to full terms, no matter what attempt. No matter how guilty, how famished I am of reassurance that I'm at my full potential, there will never be forgiveness. There will never be explanation, because there's nothing to explain. There will just be a sense that the story is ending, without an ending.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 2 5
Above Contact
We've agreed to exist with consequences
Shoot the needle, ignore the infection
I'm infatuated with all of your love
Dependent on the way you breathe
Twenty more days and the highway lines
Won't seem so distant after all
We'll be fine in a little while
Despite the longest winter nights
I blame myself when i close my eyes
Because I am alone
I've perfected time travel
But will I be able to slow time
When i need it to stop?
Dreaming us up,
Floating above contact
I know we'll be okay
And all the stupid
Little things
Will be gone away. <3
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 3 5
Messed Up
I feel gorgeous
When I'm messed up
When the ceiling is spinning
I feel in love
When the clock says to wake up
But I never slept
I'm pacing the room
Regretting each step
Every second's an hour
When you feel like dying
Every moment is fading
When i am dividing
I'm two of myself
And I'm everyone else
I feel pretty,
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 2 3
Dreaming Gray
All of my fears seem to come out at night
When it's just me,
And my own breathing.
And I know that if i just close my eyes
I'm not alone,
And I'm believing.
And if my eyes adjust to darkness
I can almost see
My own silhouette
Tracing circles,
Tossing and turning,
Dreaming about teleporting.
But even if in the darkness
Dreaming feels gray,
I know that if i just keep hoping
Things will go our way.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 4 8
Fuck Buddy
I wanted to die.
Why this was, I couldn't begin to express. The earth swung back and forth in a fit of despair, eager to rid the sunlight from our greedy eyes. Day by night, and back again, the world spun circles for us to fade away.
And it was this night that all of the chemicals aching in my cupboard, cried out to me. The knives in the drawer screamed in fits of fury, shaking and rattling for the chance to graze my skin. The pills in the cupboard, the cars on the road, the rope in my basement. Even my lungs wished to retire.
Maybe it was the realization that the universe doesn't care for it's inhabitants. Or possibly it was because my life could get no worse, death would bring better. My family was alive, but far. My friends were coworkers at a job I no longer had. The last acquaintance I'd spoken with was the Israeli man from the hydro company; he had a soft voice. Lovers wouldn't look back. Most recent was Adam.
I was picture perfect. He was blind, short tempered, and distant, rega
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 9 16
Put Me In The Zoo
Cheering, pacing, lacerating
Hearts with minds of alternating
My narcotics
Hide the trace of depression
Speech is slurred
With eyes that blur
Makes hearing hard, to read lips
False decaying
Pain is staying
Numbing higher trips-
And falls into the table
And I’ve confessed
That I’m not stable
Balance is a blessing
To sorting life
To finding
Live for my mind
Not my soul
Retrace the steps
To a broken home
I’ll lie to you
Cause I’m okay
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 2 2
You’re made of paper
Pretty structure
Texture’s soft
Like pictures
Of stockbrokers
Falling off of buildings
Like a heart
Pressured and bursting
Like bruises
With paper cuts
Stress with coffee
Secondhand textbooks
Cheap sunglasses
Pupils wide
You’re pretty
When you fall down
Like bodies racing
To the ground
I’d pick you up
I’d mend you
But I don’t like the sight of blood.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 6 6
Addicted to painkillers
They bring me up
Disguise the pain
It’s never enough
It’s not a bad thing
When times get rough
Addicted to painkillers
They give me love.
Your overdosing is painful
Prozac’s so pretty
Like giving me headaches
Instead of pity
My words are like weapons
Eyes shut tightly
Just hold onto my hand
And kiss me lightly
Keep me afloat
Eyes like life rings
Fill me with air
Let the colours fade
Bloodshot eyes
I’m not afraid
Brighter skies
Hope for brighter days.
:iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 3 6
Mature content
B is for Brilliance :iconelisiabattell:elisiabattell 2 12



is deviantly contagious.
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